O.S.A.N.I.P. is about two teenagers, Kim and Monica, and their abnormal lives in Plugrand, a small town in the middle of nowhere (read: pacific northwest). They live in the suburb-ish area (as sub "urban" as it gets in a town with like 500 people in it) with Kim's friend Helk, who acts somewhat as the guardian. However, there are few enforced rules.

About O.S.A.N.I.P.

I've loved to read webcomics ever since I found out about Ctrl Alt Del, a gaming webcomic, in 2006. Since then I've taken to reading entire webcomic archives, and then checking for updates (I generally keep up with about 40). Then I thought; well jeez, I should make my own! OSANIP has started out as a summer project, but will keep going for as long as I have the time to keep going. OSANIP only updates once a week on saturdays.

O.S.A.N.I.P. is largely based off of myself and my friends, plus a character who lives inside my head (Helk). Occasionally Blue, the memorial of the Daily Hedgehog, a daily comic I drew on my teacher's chalkboard for over a year makes an appearance.

About Meeeeee

I'm currently a freshman in college. I'll be taking the maximum amount of units/credits/classes for the forseeable future so I'm kind of busy! Outside of webcomicking I draw other stuff (during boring lectures), I play the piano and organ, and I sleep.

Please contact me at osanip.mail(at)gmail.com. I'd love to know what you think

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